20 Impressive Monte-Carlo Masters Facts

February 2017
20 Impressive Monte-Carlo Masters Facts

Held in the world’s second smallest country, the Monte-Carlo Masters is an excellent way to experience the luxury of Monaco while watching some great tennis under the Mediterranean sun. As we’ve explored the other three annual major open tournaments, it’s about time that we covered 20 Impressive Monte-Carlo Masters Facts.



1.First held in 1897

The Monte-Carlo tennis championship was first held in 1897, on a site believed to be behind the Hotel de Paris.


2. Won by a Wimbledon winner

The first winner was Reggie Doherty of Great Britain. He was a four-time Wimbledon champion and went on to win six Monte Carlo titles before dying in 1910 at the age of just 38.


3. A European Competition

The first few championship were primarily contested by Europeans and English players. Of course, with the invention of air travel, the tournament when global.


4.Open event

The tournament became an “Open” event in 1969 and has since always been considered one of the world’s foremost competitions.


5. Held at the Monte-Carlo Country Club

The venue is only Monaco by name! And is actually located in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France, which is just over the border. However, it’s a grey area with many beliving the french have loaned the area to the Monégasques.


6. Famous Clay Courts

The players compete on 11 Clay courts, all of which over look the sea, creating a unique setting.


7. Held over 8 days

Over the course of eight days, the champions go head-to-head in the season’s first clay event.


8. Prize Money

The winner receives €3,748,926 in prize money.


9. The main court

Rainier III ruled Monaco for nearly 56 years and was married to the American actress Grace Kelly. The main court holds 10,200 and is named in his honour. The royal family are still very much involved and so it likely you will see some of them at the competition.


10. Held in April

With great weather all year round, it’s no wonder why the tournament is held in April each year. This time of year means the climate will be just right to play competitive tennis.


11. 130,000+ people Watch live

Over the course of the event, around 135,652 spectators enjoy the matches live in person.


12. 2017 is the 111th Monte-Carlo Masters

In 2006, the Monte-Carlo Masters celebrated its 100th anniversary. This means that 2017, is the 111th tournament!


13. Watched Globally

Broadcast in 80 countries.


14. Only 1 French win!

Only one Frenchman has won the title in the Open Era. Cedric Pioline prevailed in 2000 with a straight sets win over Domnik Hrbaty.


15. ATP Player choose to compete

Since 2009, Monte-Carlo Masters has been the only ATP Masters 1000 tournament not to have a mandatory player commitment. Most of the top players still choose to compete at the event.


16. Rolex

Rolex, the famous Swiss watchmaker, has been the main sponsor and partner of the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters for many years.


17. 56 Players

24 teams and 56 individual players compete in the championships.


18. Watch out for the Royal

The Monégasque royal family are known to be great tennis fans and try to attend the tournament. So, watch out for the royals if you’re there!


19. Nadal holds the most consecutive wins

Rafael Nadal won the title eight consecutive times between 2005 and 2012, making him the only player to win eight consecutive titles at the same tournament.


20. Grand ball opens the Monte-Carlo Masters

A grand ball is traditionally held in Salle des Etoiles of the Sporting Monte-Carlo to mark the opening of the Monte-Carlo Master tournament.